Market research for innovative brands on the international market

Why is market research so important?

  • The results of research and studies increase the awareness of undertaken business activities.
  • It is a knowledge base that helps to make decisions about introducing a new product/service to the target market or its modification.
  • Research helps you to plan your product’s marketing strategy, develop advertising plans, and forecast sales.
  • Reports based on the implemented market research will provide information on the key competition and current market trends.
  • The results show the specificity of the target market in terms of its estimated size, its structure, and barriers standing against further development.

Marketing Research

Our offer often induces enthusiasm among advertising agencies and media houses. Our structure of offices and joint ventures around the world allows us to conduct marketing research with an accent on assessing international markets. While working with the Client, we define the position of his business against the competition in international markets. We help managers understand and use data about the market, consumers and current trends. Our clients obtain knowledge thanks to which they can plan marketing activities, create an optimal offer, define perfect pricing policy, effective promotion and effective distribution. We guarantee to our clients from Poland and around the world an individual approach to each project. We advise at every stage of cooperation.

The great advantage of working with us is the use of highly advanced analytical methods by our team of experts at the analysis of results. We conduct market and opinion research in a professional manner, and we are also prepared to use non-standard research methods and techniques as well as to expand research topics. 


advanced analytical methods

market research will provide information on the key competition and current market trends

significantly greater work efficiency thanks to market research

Our team’s many years of practical experience in market research, as well as an extensive consumer base, ensure a quick and efficient course of the surveys, the highest reliability of analyzes and competitive costs of the research.

Online research assumes running a project with the use of electronic questionnaires. Thanks to the online survey mode, online questionnaires can be carried out on large groups of respondents, while ensuring the anonymity of the respondents and the possibility of carrying out many independent measurements simultaneously and with a significant reduction in the time and cost of conducting the survey.