In accordance with the requirements of the Act of August 27, 2007, on Vocational and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities, each employer employing more than 25 employees is obliged to employ 6% disabled employees in relation to the total number of staff.

An employer who does not meet these requirements pays a monthly fee to PFRON for each missing (up to 6%) job position of a disabled person.

The goal of the project run by Expedite Consulting Group is, among others:

  • reduction of the monthly payment due to insufficient adjustment of the number of employment of disabled people to the total number of employees (the so-called PFRON contribution),
  • increasing employment among persons with disabilities,
  • activation of persons with disabilities,
  • support for entrepreneurs in everyday business.


We analyze, verify and advise our clients on the company’s settlements with the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled  (pl: PFRON). When conducting an audit, we focus on the possibility of reducing overpayments for past periods and obtaining savings in the future. In addition, we detect errors that cause risks of underpayments and criminal interest.

On the basis of the conducted audit, the client receives a report that includes an assessment of the past state and a document defining the savings potential with recommendations. The report concludes a proposal for changes in individual areas, driving to savings in the future.

The report is supported by a number of legal analysis aimed at ensuring compliance of the proposed solutions with the law and internal regulations of the contracting authority.

caring for social interests, in particular, professional activation of disabled people

every employer with more than 25 employees is obliged to employ disabled workers

disability should not exclude from professional activity


Expedite Consulting Group, in cooperation with enterprises, aims to support their long-term management strategy based on care for social interests, in particular professional activation of persons with disabilities.

For the company, being socially responsible means investing in human resources, relations with the company’s environment and informed about these activities, which contributes to an increase in the company’s competitiveness and shaping conditions for sustainable social and economic development. Companies all over the world consider it necessary to complete their development strategies with CSR (corporate social responsibility), which is an important element of enterprise development.

One of its elements may be the employment of disabled people. The activity of persons with disabilities, especially in the professional sphere, is to counteract marginalization, pathology, isolation and social exclusion, i.e. phenomena contrary to the proper development and operation in teams with other people. In the case of people with disabilities, it is the shortest path to social and professional integration.

Professional activity is, therefore, an important value not only for an individual but also for the entire society. A company that is sensitive to this aspect gains the image of a strong and modern brand in the eyes of business partners and customers.

Companies that decide to employ persons with disabilities are perceived as those for which disability is not a reason not to be able to enjoy independent life and achieve the goals set.

Supporting people with disabilities on various levels and in many aspects of their lives is a way of positive external and internal communication of the company.