The analysis of the market and competition is a key element in running a company and looking for new business partners. Properly conducted research reduces the risk of decisions made and provides knowledge about the mechanisms controlling a given industry.

The main activities, that serve to create market analysis, is contact with public institutions and expert interviews or quantitative research on customer preferences. Such a review allows the assessment of the current situation of the markets and the selection of the most favourable solutions for a given enterprise.

Competition analysis is an extremely important element that should be taken into account when developing a company’s strategy and adapting the offer to similar services already available on the market. It is important not to be afraid of the competition because it is the competition that is the main trigger for development. However, care should be taken to maintain a balance between competition and our company.

reliable and comprehensive analysis of market data

analyzing the actions of competitors is a motivation to act for ourselves

audit of the current situation in the company in terms of strategic development

To create a competition analysis, we use methods such as the analysis of existing data, identification of the environment, description of the target group or “mystery shopper” type research.

The market and competition analysis should be performed by an experienced and qualified team of specialists with the necessary skills and tools. The result of their work will be to provide the client with detailed data that has a huge impact on the development of the company.